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Tips for Designing Your Dream Home Office Space

It's important to think about how you can create a workstation works well for you. Here are some steps for setting up the perfect work space at home.

1. Choose the right space

Before anything else, make sure you select the right location for your new workstation if you don't already have an office. This is one of the most essential steps. If possible, try to find a quiet part of the house, to create a distinct working zone that doesn't blend into home life.

2. Lighting

Studies show that poor lighting can be detrimental to productivity at work – it can lead to drowsiness and difficulty maintaining focus and motivation. Try to locate your desk next to a window to flood yourself and your work with natural light or a well lit area.

3. The importance of ergonomics

The way you sit at your desk is key. To protect your back and neck, invest in an ergonomic chair, ideally with adjustable arms so you can rest your forearms while using a keyboard and mouse. We offer a great range of choice when it comes to Ergonomic chairs and sturdy office desks. Take a look at our wide variety of office chairs and home office desks.

4. Plants

Plants not only brighten a home office environment, the benefits of indoor plants run deeper than just aesthetics."Simply enriching a previously spartan space with plants served to increase productivity by 15 percent," says lead author Marlon Nieuwenhuis in conversation with Science Daily. Our green friends can induce feelings of being relaxed.

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