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Industrial Chairs in the Workplace

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Polyurethane Industrial Chairs
Polyurethane Industrial Chairs

Modern industrial workplaces are found in many sectors. Well-equipped workstations not only encourage an efficient approach to work, but also promote the health and wellbeing of the employees. Many industrial workplaces are required to carried out many and varied tasks which may be carried out standing up, sitting down or a mix of the two. It has, however, since become clear that sitting for long periods on non-ergonomic industrial chairs quickly leads to damaged posture and lower productivity. It is therefore vital to select the correct seating for the job and workplace environment.

Draughtsman Chairs
Draughtsman Chairs

Industrial companies who are prepared to invest in appropriate chairs are also investing in the health and wellbeing of their employees. This in turn helps to maintain or even improve production efficiency. As size, weight and other characteristics generally differ from person to person, an industrial chair with ergonomic setting options should almost be a matter of course.

With many chairs and draughtsman chairs, there are many options available, including seat and back position adjustment, footrings, height adjustment and lumbar supports.

Industrial Draughtsman Chairs
Industrial Draughtsman Chairs

There are various industrial seating solutions available including stools, chairs or standing aids, In many companies, the trend is clearly for height-adjustable work surfaces or, basically, working standing up. This is where draughtsman chairs or sit-stand chairs/stools come into their own. A regular change of posture provides the best opportunity to effectively prevent damage, as well as the resulting serious illness.

If an investment is to be made in new chairs, there are a number of options you can take. The employees preferences are a main consideration. Many companies agree that the way in which the workplace is designed considerably influences performance, productivity and the wellbeing of employees. However, designing a workplace that is conducive to greater performance is not always easy. Many of the (relatively simple) solutions for office spaces cannot be implemented in industrial environments or in sales. Here, the individual requirements of the employees also play a far greater role when choosing the correct industrial seating. While one employee prefers to sit while working, the other is far more productive when standing. Therefore individual needs and requirements should be assessed, taking into account the employees preferences.

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