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Polyurethane Draughtsman & Factory Chairs

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Polyurethane industrial chairs, the perfect factory chair solution for most factory environments. Hard wearing, wipeable and can be steam cleaned. The seat and back are made with a cushioned polyurethane giving some comfort to the user rather than a solid plastic seat which can become uncomfortable after a short time.

Polyurethane Chairs
Polyurethane Chairs

Polyurethane Chairs

2 Ranges are available, standard or deluxe. The deluxe has a different styling and offers a larger seat and back. Both ranges are available as either a polyurethane draughtsman chair or a low factory chair, all with optional extras. These include a seat tilt (allowing the seat to tilt forwards, ideal for using over a high or low bench where the user is constantly leaning forwards). Fixed and adjustable arms which can also be retro fitted if needs be or removed after fitting if not required. A range of glides and castors are available offering options for glides, standard castors, soft edge castors and brake loaded castors, or a combination of these depending on the use of the chair and the type of floor it is used. Soft edge castors are ideal for hard floors to help prevent the chair from slipping or damaging the floor. Different sized gas lifts are also available to get that perfect seat height for its intended use. For extra style, why not upgrade to a chrome base and gas lift. #polyurethanechairs #factorychairs #industrialchairs

ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) Chairs

These chairs are also available as an ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) chair, please see our range of ESD chairs in our online shop. #esdchairs

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