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Industrial Chairs

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Industrial chairs vary in style from a polyurethane low factory chair to a vinyl upholstered ESD (Anti-Static) draughtsman chair. Draughtsman & Factory Chairs' range of chairs is available to meet your industrial chair requirements, whether this is in the office, laboratory, micro-tech area or factory.

Polyurethane Industrial Draughtsman Chair
Industrial Draughtsman Chair

Lab Space Polyurethane Industrial Draughtsman Chair

A hard wearing industrial chair with chrome base, gas lift and adjustable footring. This chair is wipe clean and can even be steam cleaned when used in dirty factory or industrial areas.

With a maximum seat height of 820mm and adjustable footring, this chair is ideal for high bench work areas including packing benches and lab benches amongst many other environments.

ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) or anti-static chairs are specially designed for areas that require minimal static build up such as micro-tech areas and sensitive laboratory environments. ESD chairs are upholstered in a Hi-Tech antistatic fabric or a Medistat antistatic vinyl. These materials are highly conductive which allows and static to quickly ground itself through the chair preventing static build up.

ESD Anti-Static Chair
ESD Anti-Static Chair

ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) / Anti-Static Chair

ESD Anti-Static chairs available as a tall draughtsman chair or low operator/office style chair. Available in fabric or vinyl and with a range of options available. This ESD chair is complete with a chrome base, gas lift and adjustable footring. Supplied is ESD anti-static glides with ESD castors available as an option.

Industrial Chairs and Draughtsman Chairs

Most of our industrial chairs are available as a tall draughtsman chair or a low office/operator chair with a range of options available including adjustable arms, seat tilt and seat slide options. All draughtsman chairs have height adjustable footrings and a maximum 820mm seat height. Chairs are available with black nylon bases or a full chrome setup. ESD chairs only available in full chrome due to the nature of the chair.

Most of our chairs are made to order so they can really be made bespoke for your requirements. Large orders can easily be catered for, contact us for pricing and lead times.

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